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Manor Surrogacy: Your Ticket to Surrogacy Abroad

We at Manor Surrogacy believe that every couple deserves to start a family and that fulfilling the Dream of becoming a Mother is every woman’s fundamental right. Unfortunately, for some couples, the natural and emotional journey toward parenthood turns into a long, sad and complicated nightmare.

We understand that being denied this fundamental right of having a child through pregnancy and coming to terms with having to find a surrogate mother is a difficult compromise. With this in mind, Manor Surrogacy has conceived and established the world’s largest surrogacy program for straight couples, which operates according to the most rigorous Western medical standards. Every year we offer high-quality solutions to hundreds of couples from all around the world who suffer from complex fertility problems. The words “sorrow”, “pain” and “failure” are not part of our vocabulary.

Unlike other agencies, we are not agents or brokers. Nor do we work with unqualified or unprofessional laboratories, or with unknown personnel. Our surrogacy abroad project is designed to take care of everything and provide couples with peace of mind during the process, together with the knowledge that they are in the safe hands of responsible, experienced and trustworthy professionals. In line with this, we will never send couples to foreign countries unless our medical staff is present there. Whilst we acknowledge and respect local doctors, we rely on our own specialists and our own specialists only, and assume complete responsibility for all medical aspects of the process.

We at Manor Surrogacy have meticulously planned every step of the way to fulfilling your dream and replacing the darkness with light. We know that the surrogacy process is an emotional journey and not a contractual one, and that you have arrived at the decision to seek a gestational surrogate after many difficult treatments, misgivings and sleepless nights. This is why we have chosen the most professional and compassionate people to operate our project.

Manor Surrogacy: Facts and Figures
  • Over 360 children born through the project, 117 of them in 2016 alone!
  • During the past year we were delighted to welcome 65 boys and 52 girls! Ten couples were doubly blessed – their surrogate mums gave birth to twins. For 15 couples it was their second surrogate child.
  • 34 more couples have started the process with us for the 2nd time, bringing the total number of couples who made more than one dream come true with Manor to over 100!
  • As of December 31st, 2016 we had 96 surrogate pregnancies in different stages.
  • Over the years 78 couples transferred to Manor Surrogacy from other companies.
  • 55 staff members, including: expert physicians, nurses, laboratory directors, legal counsellors, emotional counsellors, and a large logistics team.

176 couples chose Manor Surrogacy in 2016, a number unparalleled by any other company catering to straight couples.

Surrogacy Abroad - Manor is by Your Side Every Step of The Way

Foreign surrogacy laws can be hard to navigate. Every year we see more and more countries close their doors to surrogacy. For example, surrogacy in India, Thailand, Nepal and Mexico is no longer an option. Additionally, many intended parents fall victims to charlatans, which results in them not being able to obtain the legal documents required to bring their new child(ren) home.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Manor Surrogacy has established a dedicated division staffed by Western-educated medical specialists and logistics professionals. These experts travel to developing countries on a weekly basis to perform the relevant medical procedures according to the highest Western standards. At present we operate fertility clinics in Georgia and Ukraine, where there are many potential surrogates eager to assist childless couples. To this end we’ve established state-of-the-art medical centres that operate according to the most advanced Western standards of medicine. All surrogacy procedures are supervised and performed by highly-skilled Western-educated staff. We only operate in countries where surrogacy is legal!

Manor's Surrogacy Program: Success Rates

We believe the main reason for our success in this complex field is the one-of-a-kind model wherein highly skilled Western-educated professionals conduct and oversee the surrogacy process, with all the medical procedures being performed at state-of-the-art medical facilities conforming to top-notch Western standards. Recently, we had twins born from frozen embryos created 20 years ago! You can read more about this amazing story and watch the video here. Still, while these numbers are impressive, at the same time, we never forget that behind each statistic is an overjoyed couple that has realized the dream of becoming parents.

Our team is comprised of experts in the field of fertility and pregnancy, who have worked in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Israel and demonstrated remarkable results. At present, they are employed at prestigious hospitals in their countries of residence and travel abroad on weekends to treat the surrogates.

We also employ world-renowned embryologists and laboratory directors who perform over 10,000 treatment cycles annually. Working alongside them are registered nurses, emotional counsellors, a team of dedicated legal specialists and a large logistics staff with many years of experience.

Surrogacy Costs: UK Standards of Care, Affordable Prices!

Manor is the only company in the world that successfully manages a project of such complexity and magnitude. This is why we are able to offer discounted packages that none of our competitors can afford.

Additionally, Manor Surrogacy offers complimentary solutions for couples requiring egg donation. We perform more than 1000 egg donation procedures a year. With our surrogacy program you also don’t have to stress about how to find an egg donor – we possess an extensive and diverse oocyte donor pool, which includes donors from Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Greece and Cyprus, as well as ethnic donors.

Wondering how to find a surrogate mother? Manor Surrogacy is the answer!

We believe that surrogacy is one of the most important decisions a couple has to make. A couple who is interested in realizing their dream of starting a family by means of surrogacy will look for and deserves to receive the best and most professional care available. It was with this understanding in mind that we’ve planned our surrogacy program.

All our surrogates are between 19 and 35 years of age with proven fertility. Only candidates who complete a rigorous medical and psychological screening are eligible to become surrogates. As part of our effort to assure that the pregnancy course is as uneventful as possible, we make sure that the surrogate mother and her children are taken care of during the pregnancy.

Our involvement doesn’t stop when your surrogate gives birth. Our dedicated staff is there with you all the way, from finding a surrogate mother to the happy moment when you are able to take your new baby home.