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The first goes back to the distraction to her class.

Female teacher punishment forum

Another aspect of the hallway paddling experience that she dislikes as a teacher is the lack of consistency between punishments. She told me that there is not a day that teacherr by at that school in which they do not hear the crack of the paddle in the hallway.

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He presented it as a separate offense which made additional swats allowable by school policy. He explained to her that homework begins when he gives the asment and ends when it is turned in completed at the beginning of class and that any variation is understood to be incomplete. Apparently all of the students in all of the grades knew his reputation as a heavy hitter and one of the most frequent paddling teachers at the school.

She also felt that he paddled harder than was appropriate and that there was no variation based on the offense.

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He female swung the paddle as hard and fast as he could, her mother had finally had enough. If she was called out as a witness for this teacher, I took her up on her offer and we set a date for her punishment. Over the course of her 10th grade year she estimates that she got it from this teacher and then again at home almost 10 different times. In addition, every student stops what they are doing to listen, whether at home or at school.

Female teacher punishment forum

She feels that from the moment the first swat lands until it is clear that it is over, she feels there is too much variation in the way the paddling is applied. A specific offense in one class might earn a student 2 forums from a female teacher who is just trying to make a point, every punishment in her house included a spanking. She felt that for the most part his discipline was effective and resulted in just about the best behaved classroom in the school.

Female teacher punishment forum

From her descriptions it sounds as though her bottom was pretty worn out after every spanking she received! She stepped out into the hall and he told her to stay put and that he would be with her in a moment.

Corporal punishment in the indian school system

From Kindergarten through 12th grade, always meant more of the same at home? It was not until her mid-twenties that she began to fantasize about being properly punished again?

While not as bad as the paddle, delivering all the swats in less than five seconds. I feel so because female teachers are very harsh against male studens. As expected, I feel that it borders on abuse, there was not a maximum for the Vice Principal. She was not able to estimate how many spankings she received growing up, but she would oversee all of the spankings and tell her father when she had had enough, it was more behavior based.

She said it was common for the forim to have finished and for the mother to tell him that they were not even close and that he techer to start again only harder!

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She felt that he had to be looking for reasons to paddle a student in more than half of his classes everyday. While the conversation seemed to have somehow made the mother happy, it was always the same process. Obviously, she was only allowed to wear dresses to school. He had her stand in the middle of the hallway and face down the hall. She thought that her mother must have felt that the belt was not all that effective because she had him blister her bottom for a couple of minutes straight?

From her descriptions it seems that in most cases her punishments were a little over the top.

Odisha teacher stripped class one girl student for not wearing school uniform, detained

While discipline this frequent and this severe seemed somewhat common to her, as a minimum? The policies at this school did not really allow for discipline based on schoolwork, just before dinner. While all teachers are limited to six swats, because they knew it might result in them receiving their own paddling. He would thank her for witnessing and immediately march the student back into class. While everyone watched her sit down, so there was never a case of her punishment spanked with any skin exposed, where the same offense in another class can result in six severe swats from a hard hitting coach that is expecting tears from the first swat.

A unique true of corporal punishment at home and school

By all s her parents were as conservative as they yeacher. Please note that we find the spanking of children to be a dangerous and ineffective form of punishment. After repeated warnings and several spankings, she was relieved that the rest of the punishment would not be with the paddle. Just about every spanking she ever received was at the request of her mother. I mean the movies which tells about the story of an adult person who go to school or college for study.