Start Making Your Dreams Come True…
Contact Manor Surrogacy (online or by phone) and our representative will schedule an initial consultation for you.
Initial Consultation
During the initial consultation our representative will learn about your needs and requirements, and explain the administrative, legal and financial aspects of the process. You will also be asked to complete a medical questionnaire that will be reviewed by our medical team.
Legal Agreements
After our medical team gives its okay, you will be able to sign our contract before a local notary.
Fertility Specialist Consultation
Our fertility specialist will contact you and open your medical file. For your convenience, this can be arranged by means of a video conference (UK – Tel-Aviv). You may be required to undergo medical screening. If needed, an accompanying nurse will assist gathering the relevant medical information.
Creating a New Life
Naturally, the first step before the surrogacy process can begin is embryo creation. There are 3 different options:
If you already have frozen embryos
stored at a properly accredited facility abroad, you may grant us power of attorney alongside proof of genetic origin so we can ship the embryos to our clinic in Georgia/Ukraine, where they will be subsequently transferred to the surrogate.
IVF Programme
You travel to one of our clinics in Israel, Georgia or Ukraine, where oocyte retrieval and fertilization will be performed under the supervision of Manor Surrogacy’s experts and subsequently transferred to the surrogate.
Egg Donation Programme
You choose an oocyte donor from our donor pool; her oocytes will be subsequently fertilized in our lab and transferred to the surrogate.
Embryo Transfer
Once the surrogate passes her final screening, our team of Israeli physicians will perform the embryo transfer. 12 days after the embryo transfer we will carry out a blood-based pregnancy test. We will have the results the same day and will notify you of the outcome.
Positive Test & Monitoring Pregnancy
Our Medical team, headed by top Israeli physicians, will continue to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. The nurse who will be accompanying you will keep you updated about the surrogate's medical condition and pregnancy follow-up exams. You are welcome to keep in touch with the surrogate by means of video conferencing, or even
Negative Test
Should pregnancy, unfortunately, fail to occur, we will replace the surrogate
The delivery takes place in a deluxe maternity suite at a state-of-the-art private hospital. We realize that your presence at the time of your baby’s birth is highly important and will make every attempt to make sure you’re there, unless Mother Nature surprisingly hastens the birth.
Natural Birth
Manor Surrogacy will update you about the estimated due-date, and make every effort to coordinate your timely arrival so you can be there for the big day.
Caesarean Section
20-25% of births are C-section deliveries. In such cases we will know the exact due date in advance and inform you accordingly.
Taking Your Baby Home
Provided there are no complications, you will be able to take your new baby home after two days. We invite you to stay at Manor Surrogacy’s apartments in Tbilisi/Kiev while you wait for the documents required to bring your child home. Our nursing staff and Pediatricians will assist you during your stay with your new child. Our English-speaking facility manager will take care of all of your needs. Alternatively, our team will be happy to assist you in finding other accommodation options.
Approximately a week after the birth, the Georgian/Ukrainian authorities will issue the child's birth certificate, with you listed as the child's parents. Once you receive the birth certificate, you (with the assistance of a surrogacy attorney from your country of residence) can start the process of obtaining a passport for your child so you can take him or her home.
As soon as your baby’s passport is ready, you can take him/her home. We thank you for letting us partake in making your dream come true…